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About Our CEO

Due to Whip-It’s® success, the brand moved to HSN (Home Shopping Network) where for the past four years,  Whip-It® has become one of the most popular products on the network.  His company generated over 20 million dollars in retail sales at Sam’s Club, and has expanded distribution to all global Bed Bath & Beyond stores.

Alessi’s grass roots company is growing at a tremendous pace with product development expanding into laundry, kitchen, bath, and soon baby products. Whip-It® is growing its distribution base with entry into LowesSupervaluMenards, and with many other retailers soon to come.

While working with his Whip-It® Inventions, Alessi simultaneously served as the Vice President of Sales and Director of Product Development for a luxury skincare line called Shinto Clinical, a line he created exclusively for model and fashion mogul, Kimora Lee Simmons.

Alessi was named the distinguished Alumnus of the Year Award for the College of Charleston and he currently resides in Miami, Florida.

John Alessi, CEO

John Alessi is President & Co-founder of Whip-It® Inventions, Inc.

He has a very sincere passion for high performing, eco-friendly solutions that can outperform the traditional toxic- based products in the mass market.

“Everyone loves the feeling they get when they know they are buying “green” cleaning products.  Unfortunately, the problem is that many of these formulations simply don’t work, so customers are left sacrificing heath and earth conscious options…for toxic performance. Nobody should ever have to make that choice,” says Alessi.

Alessi’s entry into the cleaning sector was sparked by his company’s hero product Whip-It®, Earth Friendly Miracle Cleaner.  When the unique cleaner first launched on QVC, it sold out on its very first airing.  At that very moment, Alessi knew that there was a genuine mass market for Whip-It®.

“Customers not only appreciated the performance of our products, but they felt safe using them around their families and pets in their homes…that matters,” says Alessi.

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