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The biggest problem in “green cleaning” is that there is an enormous group of products that simply don’t work. Sure, many are packaged beautifully with clever marketing and colors…but unfortunately, many under-deliver.

At Whip-It Inventions, we push to create high-performance, plant-based solutions that outperform toxic-based chemicals. They are truly AMAZING.

Try it for yourself.

Ahead of it’s time

The original Whip-It® formula was developed in 1989 for the boating industry out of concern for the toxic chemicals that were prevalent in the marine cleaning industry that were being dumped into our oceans. Whip-It® was created out of pure frustration…but with a clear purpose.

Since 1989, Whip-It® has pushed the boundaries of botanical science to create a unique stain removing formulation based on plant-derived ingredients which break up the chemical bond of stains in seconds.

The ORIGINAL goal was to create a plant-derived super cleaner (free from acids or bleach) that could AMAZINGLY remove the toughest stains on various boating surfaces such as plastic fiberglass, carpet, teak, canvas, and many others!

The Whip-It® formula was so unique, that boaters eventually took Whip-It® into their homes… and the brand grew organically.

This led to a shift from the marine industry to selling direct to commercial businesses across the United States . At one time Whip-It® was sold door to door “the old fashion way” by over 100 reps.

Features of Our Products

  • Whip It concentrate is truly the most powerful stain remover in the market with over 500 uses!
  • Whip-It breaks up the chemical bond of stains in seconds!
  • 1 32 oz bottle of Whip It Concentrate can dilute to make 32 bottles of everyday cleaner.
  • Amazingly removes your toughest stains from hundreds of surfaces!
  • Outperforms toxic-based cleaners.
  • Plant-Based- Contains no acid, alcohol bleached or dyes.

The original formulation was only sold strictly to the commercial space as high-powered stain remover. however the company has taken the “base” Whip-It formula and is expanding it into multiple categories for both retail and commercial (end user) use.


Whip It concentrate is truly the most powerful stain remover in the market with over 500 uses!


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