The AMAZING WHIP-IT® is an UNBELIEVABLE multi-purpose cleaner, stain remover and degreaser. The naturally derived ingredients break down, loosen and lift stubborn stains in seconds! This product replaces most specialty cleaners and may be used on hundreds of surfaces and stains and for various applications in homes, businesses and industries.

Step 1- Use a terry cloth towel for general cleaning (for its ability to absorb) A microfiber towel for glass and mirrored surfaces.

Step 2- Dilute using directions below.

Step 3- Spray area, wipe and remove stain.

  • For General Cleaning and Stain Removal: We recommend using a terry cloth towel to agitate and absorb stains.

  • For Porous Items: Agitate with a soft brush to allow cleaner to reach the stain.

  • For Removing Tough Surface stains: Use an applicable abrasive pad. Stubborn stains may require a brush or abrasive pad. (Surface rust/corrosion, burnt grease/grime and hard water).

  • NOTE: Whip-It Professional Strength Stain Remover must be diluted if used on glass, granite, marble, mirrored surfaces and stainless steel. (Mix ½ oz of Whip-It per quart of water.)

  • SAFE TO USE ON: Carpet, Fabrics, Fiberglass, Flooring, Metal, Plastic, Tile, Upholstery, Vinyl, Walls and Wood.

  • Do not spray on items in direct sunlight or on heated surfaces. Cool down before use. 

  • ALWAYS spot test fabrics or dyed items for colorfastness. Apply in an inconspicuous area before use.

  • For best results treat stains immediately.

The AMAZING WHIP-IT® Multi-Purpose Stain Remover is a powerful Professional solution, formulated to remove stains on durable surfaces. 


The AMAZING WHIP-IT® Multi-Purpose Concentrate cleaner is a full strength formula.

READ directions before use: Please refer below for recommended cleaning dilutions for ultimate results.

8 oz. of Whip-It® Concentrate per quart water for:

Wine • Grease • Blood • Soap Scum • Pet Accidents • Tar • Baby Formula • Various Set-In Stains • Surface Rust

2 oz. of Whip-It® Concentrate per quart water for:

Granite • Marble • Plastic • Leather • Delicate Fabrics

1/4 oz. of Whip-It® Concentrate per quart water for:

Glass • Chrome • Mirrored Surfaces • Stainless Steel • Plexiglass

4 oz. of Whip-It® Concentrate per quart water for:

General Degreaser • Carpet • Food Stains • Laundry Pre-Spot • Upholstery • Vinyl • Grills • Grass • Gum • Limited Inks • Glue • Tobacco

1 oz. of Whip-It® Concentrate per quart water for:

Wood/Laminate Flooring • Painted Surfaces • Fiberglass

4 oz. of Whip-It® Concentrate per Gallon water for:

Auto/Marine Wash • Carpet Cleaning Machines • Pressure Washers • General Outdoor Cleaning

*Note: Always refer to owner’s manual for use in any machine.


Refer to Dilutions above for proper Whip-It® Cleaner strength when using the tips below.

Clothing (Common Stains: Ink, grease, ketchup, lipstick, blood, wine, makeup and coffee):

  • Add 1/2 cup per load as a laundry boost!

Blot to remove as much of the stain as possible.  Position a terry cloth towel behind the stain to catch all of the excess stain & solution.  Use the sprayer to spray a tight stream of solution directly into the stain. Allow a few seconds for the solution to penetrate. Use a terry cloth towel or the sprayer nozzle to agitate across the stain, and then quickly and firmly rub out the stain using the terry cloth towel. (Always wipe using a clean terry cloth towel.) If some of the stain remains, spray soiled area and wash per mfg. instructions


This definitely must be diluted: Mix according to directions. Use a terry cloth towel to wipe.

Laundry (Common Stains: Dirt, grass, food stains, grease, etc.):

Spot treat all stains for best results (you don’t have to wash immediately).

Vinyl & Leather (Common Stains: Dirt & makeup):

Spray & Wipe always using a terry cloth towel (vinyl & leather have pores like our skin) heat mixture 30-40 seconds in microwave safe container to a temperature of 100 – 130 degrees, this will expand the pores and help release the stain!

Carpet (Common Stains: Dirt, ketchup, coffee, wine, urine):

Use a terry cloth towel and press firmly to remove excess stain. Spraying a mist across stain. (Never saturate) Using a terry cloth towel or the sprayer nozzle agitate with a quick motion.  Continue with terry cloth towel until the stain no longer appears in the towel.  Then cover until area is dry.  Repeat if needed.

Steam cleaning: Vacuum, pre spot soiled areas (refer to mfg. manual):

Wooden Floors (Common Uses: Dirt, spills scuff marks, etc.):

Spray & wipe using a terry cloth towel or mix according to directions for general cleaning.

*To remove wax build up, use hot water!

Light Rust:

Spray directly to the rusted area using a tight stream…Allow 10 -15 seconds for the product to work into the rust.  Wipe away using a terry cloth towel.  For heavier rust area, use an abrasive pad. 


  • Streaking or a white residue? Dilution is too strong. Rinse & add water!

  • Tough Stains? Repeat application, add more WHIP-IT® or mix with hot water.

  • Previously used another product? WHIP-IT® may interact with other chemicals.

  • Rinse thoroughly, dry & spot test area.

  • The AMAZING WHIP-IT® formula is not intended for all uses and may not remove some permanent markers, inks, dyes or nail polish that has set in over time.

  • There may be some stains that have been previously treated with other products or set in over time, which may be beyond topical cleaning.


  • CAUTION: EYE IRRITANT. Avoid contact with eyes.

  • Whip-it is not for human/animal consumption - if ingested or consumed contact physician immediately. 

  • First Aid: Flush eyes with water for at least 15 minutes. Call doctor if irritation persists. 

  • IF SWALLOWED: Drink plenty of water and contact a physician.

  • Due to the naturally derived ingredients in our product, color and clarity may vary.

  • Recommended storage temperature is between 20° to 100°F.


  • DO NOT CONSUME, NOT INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Whip-It products are never to be consumed or digested in any way by humans or pets. Whip-It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or viruses.