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What is Whip-It Cleaner made of?

The ingredients of Whip-It are:

  • Corn :We use a pure and petroleum-free glycol, 100% bio based activator and stabilizer made from corn.
  • Salt: A natural whitening and brightening agent.
  • Lemon & Lime: Helps dissolve and break down grease. Created from an entirely natural origin and is a by-product of the citrus processing industry. We also use oils extracted from the peels of Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange)
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil:

What is Whip-It?

WHIP-IT® Multi Surface Stain Remover is a cleaner, stain remover, general degreaser and deodorizer.  Whip-It® is made from naturally derived plant ingredients that are safer fot you, your family,pets and enviroment.  Whip-It® replaces most specialty cleaners for auto, home, marine & commercial use.

Where can I use Whip-It products?

When used according to directions WHIP-IT® is safe for cleaning homes, offices, commercial and industrial businesses, autos, boats, machinery and equipment.  Whip-It®can be used on glass, acrylic, plastic, PVC, ceramic (wash basins, toilet bowls etc.), porcelain, marble,  granite, flooring, wood, chrome, stainless steel, metals, aluminum, vinyl, leather, fabric, upholstery, painted surfaces and more!  Always test spot in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness and compatibility.

On what surfaces can I not use Whip-It?

WHIP-IT® is an alkaline cleaner. Do not use if alkaline cleaners are not recommended by the manufacturer.

What happens if I use Whip-It on items it is not intended to be used on?

If used on items not suitable for alkaline cleaners, rinse immediately and thoroughly with cool water. WHIP-IT® can be used on most surfaces when used according to directions. If the dilution is too strong a white residue or streaking may appear.  Don’t panic! this can be fixed.  First, rinse thoroughly then dilute the mixture in half with water and wipe with a clean terry cloth towel.  Depending on the item and set-in time this may need to be repeated or you can call us for assistance.

What is pH? Can a cleaning formula’s pH level damage material?

A products pH (potential hydrogen) is a measure of how acidic or basic (alkaline) a solution is.  Water based solutions range from a pH of zero to 14.  The mid-point of the pH scale is 7., and considered neutral.  Pure water is neutral.  A pH less than 7 is acidic and solutions with a pH greater than 7 are basic (alkaline). WHIP-IT® Concentrate has a pH of 9.5-11.  Professional Strength pH is 9-10.  Adding more water will slightly reduce the pH level.  Whip-It® stain remover neutralizes acidic based stains.  Examples include baby formula, food stuffs, grease, blood, wine and urine.  Alkaline cleaners are also effective in removing dye or pigment stains, however, dye loss or color bleeding may occur on some materials.  Always spot test in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness.

Can I use Whip-It on brass?

Yes, Whip-It® will clean brass, but  not polish brass.  The method used to polish brass is by removing the layer of oxide.  The most common method is to dissolve the oxide in a weak acid.

Do I have to rinse any surface with water which I have cleaned using Whip-It?

No rinsing required.  Follow dilution directions for safe cleaning. Our formulas are made with naturally derived plant ingredients.  Whip-It® has no acids, ammonia, bleach, dyes or phosphates. We recommend using the same precautions as with all household cleaning products.  WHIP-IT® and all cleaning products should be stored out of the reach of children and animals.

Do I need to wear gloves when using this product?

If you have skin reactions, sensitivity or allergies to any of the above ingredients. as a precaution wear gloves. If you are not sure, test before using

Is Whip-It flammable?  No

Was Whip-It® Cleaner on Shark Tank?

No, Whip-It® is a privately owned company. You may have heard Lori Grenier, one of the host on Shark Tank, mention Whip-It®being one of the great  plant based brands, as part of a team speech that was given at Bed, Bath and Beyond, where Whip-It® products are sold, and was in no way associated with the Shark Tank Production.

How much Eucalyptus is in Whip-It?

WHIP-IT® Concentrate contains 0.6 percent eucalyptus. A 32 oz bottle of Concentrate has 0.192 ounces of eucalyptus (about 3 1/2 drops per ounce). WHIP-IT® Professional Strength is 0.18 percent eucalyptus. A 32 oz bottle of Professional Strength has 0.0576 ounces of eucalyptus (about 1 drop per ounce).

Please note: essential oils have not been evaluated by the EPA or FDA. The information on this page is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This is not a substitute for professional care.  Always consult A Physcian regarding your medical care. Whip-It products are never to be consumed or digested in any way by humans or pets 
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