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Whip-It Multi-Purpose Stain Remover CONCENTRATE 3 Gallon Case


Experience the Ultimate Stain-Busting Power: Whip-It® is your go-to, ready-to-use, professional-grade stain remover that effortlessly dismantles tough stains in mere seconds!

Effortless Cleaning: Whip-It® makes stubborn stains vanish with ease. Say goodbye to red wine, coffee, cosmetics, pet mishaps, baby food, and more. It’s your stain savior for life’s messes.

Unleash Versatility: Discover over 1000 ways to use Whip-It®! Perfect for fabrics, carpets, upholstery, laundry, automotive, marine, and a multitude of commercial applications. It’s a game-changer in kitchens and bathrooms too.

Harness Nature’s Cleaning Power: Our formula is derived from plants, giving you effective cleaning while being eco-friendly.

A Parent’s Best Friend: Whip-It® excels at removing stains from school and sports uniforms. It conquers grass, food, paint, dirt, grime, and drink stains, saving you from replacing ruined items.

Gentle on All Surfaces: Rest easy knowing our formula contains no alcohol, ammonia, chlorine, bleaches, or dyes, making it safe for most surfaces.

Laundry Stain Solution: Use it as a pre-treatment for stains before washing. Always follow label instructions for best results.

Refreshing Citrus & Eucalyptus Scent: Enjoy the invigorating aroma of essential oils, without any synthetic perfumes or fragrances.

Proudly Made in the USA: Choose quality and support American manufacturing with our products.


Whip-It®  blasts away stains...IN SECONDS!

Whip-It® is a multi -purpose, multi-surface, plant-based stain remover and super cleaner that breaks up the chemical bond of stains using plant-derived ingredients.  Use this cleaner anywhere and everywhere in your home, automobile or office to remove your most difficult stains. The formula works on old stains, new stains…even set in stains!

If Whip-It® can save JUST ONE stain-ruined item, then this purchase pays for itself.  


Weight128 oz
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