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Whip-It Professional Strength Multi-Purpose Stain Remover Spray 32 OZ


Breaks up the chemical bond of stains in seconds.

Amazingly removes toughest stains from fabric, carpet, upholstery and many more

Removes stains from blood, red wine, food, pet stains, marine & automotive

Contains NO Alcohol, ammonia, bleaches or dyes

Over 500 Different uses

Pre-Mixed, Ready to go formulation

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“This is Incredible” – THE TODAY SHOW (Rossen Report)

AMAZINGLY POWERFUL SUPER CLEANER – Whip-It® breaks down the chemical bond of stains…IN SECONDS!

TRUE MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER – It can be used on hundreds of surfaces inside and outside your home.

MULTI-PURPOSE STAIN REMOVER – For cleaning carpet, tile, wood, stone, upholstery and so many more. This ultra concentrated formula has over 500 different uses!

REPLACES SPECIALTY CLEANERS – Whip-It replaces most specialty cleaners, and may be used on hundreds of surfaces.

TRUSTED BRAND – Millions of bottles of Whip-It® have been sold to professionals and commercial businesses all over the world.

Whip-It® DOES NOT contain alcohol, ammonia, acids, bleaches or artificial dyes.

Whip-It® is plant-based so you can use it around your family and pets. Follow the detailed instructions on the label for all uses.

ECONOMIC SOLUTION – Our full Strength Concentrated formula delivers cost effective cleaning. Whip-It® Concentrate was formulated so you can customize the strength for all your cleaning needs. Just add water!

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