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A man ahead of his time.

In 1931, R.C. Douglas pursued a concept that wouldn’t become mainstream until the twenty-first century: keeping cleaning crews safe from toxic chemicals by developing sustainable, plant-based solutions using raw, organic ingredients like eucalyptus, lemons, oranges, and essential oils. 


Almost 70 years later...

Douglas’ grandson John Watson took up the eco-friendly mission. The original formula had been upstaged by stronger, toxic chemical cleansers, so Watson set out to create a plant-based formula that could go toe-to-toe with toxic cleansers’ results. After a year of testing hundreds of variations on Douglas’ formula, Watson finally created a plant-based cleanser that could tackle even the most serious stains: Whip-It®.

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Whip-It® became a best-seller.

It sold out on Home Shopping Network, BJ’s, and Sam’s Club Road Show and major governmental organizations devoted to going green started using it to keep heavily-trafficked equipment clean – such as the entire Chicago bus & train lines.

From hotels to hospitals, transit authorities to professional cleaning companies, restaurants to car washes, Whip-It® has been hailed as the most powerful green cleaning solution across multiple industries.


From 1989 to this day, we are a proud American manufacturer.

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