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Amazing Product!

I just had to let you know that I spilled or rather broke a bottle of nail polish onto my carpet. I tried to clean it using nail polish remover and carpet cleaning solution. Neither worked, I just accepted it was never coming out and figured I’d had have to replace my carpet when I could afford it. This stain has been on my carpet a year.


I bought your product a while back to use on stains that my animals created, mainly my cat who has allergies to certain food that I was trying to figure out which foods. She kept throwing up and I’d find it when I got home or sometimes a day later because it was in an area I didn’t go to that specific day.


Well upon cleaning a spot near the nail Polish stain I thought “I wonder if this will clean that spot” I tried a small area and low and behold it cleaned it. I sprayed your product on it and used lysol wipes to scrub it with (I use the two together to clean the cat stains because it’s easier than a paper towel) and the stain disappeared.


Your product is awesome thank you. I’m going to go get a bigger bottle. I have photos of the transformation but not sure how to include it with the message, photos are on my phone.

Vicki Mabe
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