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Car Seats Transformed!



I went on your website to view testimonials and was surprised not to see before and after pictures. Here is my story: my parents bought Whip-It®. My dad used it on his truck upholstery yesterday and it looked great. It wasn’t that bad to begin with, so I wasn’t that impressed.


THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE: I had several juice boxes and sippy cups leak into my seats. I have used other cleaning products and while they made some improvements the stains were still there. My seats were vacuumed in the before pictures. I used Whip-It® spray, a white towel, and a cleaning brush.


I could not believe as my seats were transformed! The front passenger seat is on the right side of the picture and my rear seat is on the left. I am beyond satisfied and impressed with the super hero cleaning power of Whip-It®!


My car looks professionally detailed without the cost or the days waiting for the seats to thoroughly dry! I have already recommended this product and will continue to do so. Best of all, my car doesn’t smell like a chemical wasteland!

Jen Oliver
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