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Whip-It Got Rid of Vandalism


This is too amazing not to share! I am an employee at Whip-It, and I believe in our product and know how good it is. This is a first hand experience that totally took me by surprise. These are the most remarkable before and after photos I have ever seen!


Our two local high schools have a deep rooted, sometimes nasty rivalry. It was game week and I have a teenager at home. I left for work Thurs…day morning but stopped dead in my tracks, my yard had been rolled and forked! Then I see MY MOTHER’S car, that I had borrowed. It had been spray painted in black and egged! OMG! Black spray paint on her white car, and it has been there for hours, this is so bad! I have to report this so my mother can get it fixed through her insurance company.


The police told me The Opposing team’s school vandalized 7 homes and cars that night. After the shock wore off, and before I called my mother…. I thought I would give Whip-It a try. Unbelievable! The photos tell it all! I am extremely grateful for Whip-It Cleaner and the power it possesses! Without this in my bag of tricks the outcome would have been much different! Proud to be involved in such an outstanding company!

Whip-It Got Rid of Vandalism
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