Whip-It Got Rid of Vandalism

This is too amazing not to share! I am an employee at Whip-It, and I believe in our product and know how good it is. This is a first hand experience that totally took me by surprise. These are the most remarkable before and after photos I have ever seen!
Our two local high schools have a deep rooted, sometimes nasty rivalry. It was game week and I have a teenager at home. I left for work Thurs...day morning but stopped dead in my tracks, my yard had been rolled and forked! Then I see MY MOTHER'S car, that I had borrowed. It had been spray painted in black and egged! OMG! Black spray paint on her white car, and it has been there for hours, this is so bad! I have to report this so my mother can get it fixed through her insurance company. The police told me The Opposing team's school vandalized 7 homes and cars that night. After the shock wore off, and before I called my mother.... I thought I would give Whip-It a try. Unbelievable! The photos tell it all! I am extremely grateful for Whip-It Cleaner and the power it posseses! Without this in my bag of tricks the outcome would have been much different! Proud to be involved in such an outstanding company!

Glass Stovetop Like New Again

Glass Stovetop Like New Again

I bought this new product at Bed Bath & Beyond because I try everything new... I wanted to use it in my elderly gmas house. Her glass top stove had baked on grease all over it! I had to use a bit of elbow grease to get the really bad places off, but the majority of the build up dissolved away on contact! This Whip-It Multi-Surface Grapefruit Scented Cleaner exceeded my expectations by miles. It made the job much easier and do-able for my little granny. "

Red Sauce - NOT A LOSS!

I am completely blown away by the unbelievable stain removing power of this cleaner! I can not say enough good things about Whip-It! I would have never been able to get spaghetti sauce out of my daughters shirt without it. I do not let myself run out of this cleaner. You shouldn't either!

Had no clue the floor was that nasty!

My smoking room floor, out in my garage, was completely filthy! It didn't even look like a cream colored floor anymore. I simply sprayed Whip-It on my flooring, and used a dry terry-cloth towel to wipe away the cleaner and all that dirt! (I almost died when I saw the clean spot it left on the floor.... I had no clue it was that filthy!) YUCK! I am super pleased with the results. Wish I had known it would be this easy to clean up. I love the incredible fresh smell it leaves too. Thanks to the inventor.

Amazing Product!

I just had to let you know that I spilled or rather broke a bottle of nail polish onto my carpet. I tried to clean it using nail polish remover and carpet cleaning solution. Neither worked, I just accepted it was never coming out and figured I'd had have to replace my carpet when I could afford it. This stain has been on my carpet a year. I bought your product a while back to use on stains that my animals created, mainly my cat who has allergies to certain food that I was trying to figure out which foods. She kept throwing up and I'd find it when I got home or sometimes a day later because it was in an area I didn't go to that specific day. Well upon cleaning a spot near the nail Polish stain I thought "I wonder if this will clean that spot" I tried a small area and low and behold it cleaned it. I sprayed your product on it and used lysol wipes to scrub it with (I use the two together to clean the cat stains because it's easier than a paper towel) and the stain disappeared. Your product is awesome thank you. I'm going to go get a bigger bottle. I have photos of the transformation but not sure how to include it with the message, photos are on my phone.

Vicki Mabe (Customer Email Testimonial)

Cleaned Salsa Off My Brand New Car!

I had just bought a new car for the first time in 14 years and the carpet in my car is light tan. I covered the container with plastic wrap and thought I had secured it on the floor in the back seat. I must have made too sharp a turn and when I got to my destination, the bean salsa was all over the back section, in the runners and carpet. My friend ran back inside the house and brought Whip-It®! It completely took care of the tomato stain that was left behind after cleaning up the excess. I have been a fan ever since!