White Bathtub Hair Coloring Stain

Had a spot on my white bathtub from coloring my hair. Ising comet and water did not remove it. I had recently been given a gallon of a cleaner that a neighbor who was moving claimed was "the best cleaner on the market". Then, I tried a cleaner that I was sent from a company that send you samples to report on. They faded the spot some, but it was still there. Then I sprayed some Whip-It® on the spot, saturated a piece of white paper towel with some more Whip-It® and left it. I came back a little later, gave the towel a quick rub, removed it and YEAHHH - the spot was TOTALLY GONE!

Non-Washable Red Marker on White Rug

Not a funny story, but awesome! My daughter loves to color and used to not be strong enough to open the drawer with the markers in it. Well, one day she got it open and colored all over my new mostly white rug with a non-washable red marker!!! I was so mad, but then I remembered the demo I saw at BJ's and ran to get my Whip-It® cleaner and sprayed it on. It literally disappeared with every spray!!!

Black Printer Cartridge on Mint Green Rug

Our dog chewed up a black printer cartridge all over our mint green carpet, we steam-cleaned and scrubbed it, the next morning it had bled back through. Five days later we saw a Whip-It® demo at BJ's and the demonstrator was unsure with it being five days later that the stain would come out. I am very please that the stains have all been removed from the Whip-It® Stain Remover, great product!