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Carpet Stains NO MORE

  I had to share this amazing photo of the results I got from Whip-It Cleaner I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond Store. Look at all the pet stains in the first frame. the second frame is the after picture. Whip-It Cleaner got all those nasty pet stains up, and it helped to get

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Burnt on food, NO MATCH for Whip-It!

  I had to share this picture with the before and after sides! I mean just look at the difference in the wok! It was so dingy and had tons of burnt on food and grease in it. I sprayed it with Whip-It and cleaned just one side to prove to my friends this really

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Glass Stovetop Like New Again

      I bought this new product at Bed Bath & Beyond because I try everything new… I wanted to use it in my elderly gmas house. Her glass top stove had baked on grease all over it! I had to use a bit of elbow grease to get the really bad places off, but the

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Whip-It saved my favorite linen pants!

I went for an evening sunset cruise with friends. I was trying to help push the boat off a sandbar we were beached on, and sunk almost to my knees! When I got home and saw the pants, I just knew they were ruined! I sprayed whip-it on them and washed them as I normally

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Paint on carpet… Gone!

Just thought I would share a picture with you. I panicked last night when I dropped my bowl of white ceiling paint on my dining room carpet. I then remember picking up your product at SAMs club over the weekend. I was amazed it got it out.

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Whip-It Got Rid of Vandalism

  This is too amazing not to share! I am an employee at Whip-It, and I believe in our product and know how good it is. This is a first hand experience that totally took me by surprise. These are the most remarkable before and after photos I have ever seen!   Our two local

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Luv This Stuff!

I just fell into your laundry detergent at my local Menards Store. I need septic happy, green detergent. I cannot afford those high priced “green” detergents, so I just grabbed Whip-It with free booster. No expectations, but WOW! So little cleans so well, smells so good, and made in my home state! Thank you so

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Odor Bully to the “Rescue”!

  Zeus’ Place is a pet boarding and grooming facility. We also house Zeus’ Rescues, a 501c3 animal rescue organization, in the same building. We have been in business for over 10 years. Over those 10 years, I have been searching for the perfect cleaner that doesn’t just mask the odors that animals can produce,

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Black Printer Cartridge on Mint Green Rug

Our dog chewed up a black printer cartridge all over our mint green carpet, we steam-cleaned and scrubbed it, the next morning it had bled back through. Five days later we saw a Whip-It® demo at BJ’s and the demonstrator was unsure with it being five days later that the stain would come out. I

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Non-Washable Red Marker on White Rug

Not a funny story, but awesome! My daughter loves to color and used to not be strong enough to open the drawer with the markers in it. Well, one day she got it open and colored all over my new mostly white rug with a non-washable red marker!!! I was so mad, but then I

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